• 100% electric automated collection body
  • 100% electric automated arm

Electrical innovation

Boivin Evolution is the first company to offer 100% electric automated waste collection body. A solution that guarantees energy efficiency and a positive environmental impact.

Towards a more sustainable future

Concerned about the environment, but aware of the challenges of the energy transition, BEV offers its products for both diesel and 100% electric chassis or natural gas.


The use of electricity ensures significant savings and better environmental protection. On a 100% electric chassis, it is zero CO2 emissions and greater load capacity. On a diesel chassis, it is a saving of 30 % of fuel consumption that is observed!


BEV - Boivin Evolution

Automated body 100% electric

More than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of innovative waste collection products

BEV is the logical continuation of many innovations brought to the collection and recycling field by Claude Boivin and his team of engineers over the years.

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