Boivin Evolution, located in Levis on the South Shore of Quebec City, is the first company to offer 100% electric automated body for waste collection of residual materials

Electricity for efficiency

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of innovative refuse collection equipment, Claude Boivin, well known among the largest equipment manufacturers in North America is coming back under the name of BOIVIN EVOLUTION INC. 

BEV  is the continuation of many innovations that Claude Boivin and his team of engineers have brought to the waste collection and recycling business over the years.

Our mission

Develop 100% electric collection vehicles to lower their environmental footprint by reducing fuel usage, GHG emissions and eliminating hydraulic spills.

Our values 


An experienced founder

Claude Boivin has over 40 years of experience in the waste collection industry of which here are some achievements:

  • 1985, first unitized drop-frame side loader;
  • 1986, first high-recycling body;
  • 1987, first “patented” over-the-top loading recycling body;
  • 1992, first over-the-top “patented” recycling body with compaction;
  • 1994, first deep-hopper high swept volume drop-frame side loader;
  • 1996, first automated drop-frame side loader, enabling manual and automated loading of bins all operations at idle speed;
  • 1996, first drop-frame side loader dual compartments;
  • 2000, first high productivity straight-frame automated, single and dual compartments;
  • 2003, launching of a new line of front-end loader;
  • 2006, improving the side loaders line;
  • 2008, enhancing the front-end loader weight distribution with innovative design and material

And more to come, always in evolution.

Our Team

Claude Boivin

Denis Boivin
Business Development Director

Michel Fillion, ing. / P. Eng
VP of Operation

Marc Nadeau, ing. / P. Eng,
Project Manager

Raphael Conniccioni, Mechanical engineer (CPI)

Dominic Guay-Gosselin, Service engineer (CPI)

Sylvain Labrecque, Designer, CAD Improvement

Samuel Lévesque-Bouchard, Mechanical designer

Steve Guérin, Programmer

Benjamin Pellerin, Electrical technician

Martin Rioux, Mechanical designer

Alexandre Bacon, (CPI) Electrical Project Manager

Stéphane Lajoie, ing. / P. Eng, / Head of Electrical Service